Instant payments : receive payments instantly on your bank account.

One payment option for all of Europe. No bank or payment provider needed anymore.

Banks in Europe connected

Countries covered

Years experience in fintech

Customers connected now.

Instant payments are the fastest way to receive payments. Online. Offline. Anywhere.

Payments in Europa are very diversified. Each country has their own payment options. Instant payments make all local payment options redundant.

  • Over 34 countries in Europe support instant payments.
  • Over 2.000 banks in Europa have been connected to our payment platform.
  • Payments received within a few seconds.
  • Always directly on your bank account.
  • No banks or payment providers needed anymore.

Sell your products and services in Europe and receive your payments online and offline using our plug-and-play instant payments solutions.

Our Vision

Enable businesses with European customer base to offer instant payments as the one and best payment option without bank or payment provider.

Our Mission

Make all local European payment options redundant by offering a seamless integration of instant payments in any application.

Our Plan

Offer products and solutions as a service for integration and processing of instant payments.

Offer one payment solution for all your customers in Europe (36 countries).

Eliminate all local European payment options per country and offer just one payment option for all European countries.

  • Save investments since numerous local payment options in each European country are no longer needed.
  • Save costs as no bank or payment provider is needed.
  • Save transaction costs as instant payments have the lowest price point of all local payment options.

Hugh investments are needed to implemenent local payment options in each European country. Save time and money by replacing all local European payment option by one instant payment option.

Check your received payment instantly.

When receiving instant payments it can be essential to ensure money has been transfered to your bank account.

Account Information Services is a service to help you vallidate whether instant payments have been transfered to your bank account. magna aliqua.

  • Save time as manual checking of money received from your customer is no longer needed.
  • Save costs as checking whether money has been received can now be validated instantly.
  • Payments Initation Services and Account Information Services combines are the ideal solution for Point-Of-Sales (POS).

Knowing instantly your money has been received on your bank account enables you to do business instantly.

Request-To-Pay (RTP)

Send your customers a request-to-pay link to enable instant payments. A request-to-pay can easily be integrated in your website, webshop or used in POS-solutions. Even QR-code can be used to help your customer pay via their mobile.

  • Embed this payment solution in offline applications or devices.
  • Enable any customers to pay instantly from any European country.
  • Sent payment requests as link, QR-code of fully integrated in POS-devices.

Knowing customer can pay instantly from any European bank account enables you to do business instantly.


The revised Payment Services Directive (PSD2) is a European law that governs payment systems in the European Union (EU). It regulates access to your payment data by other parties than your bank. This fosters innovation and competition in the European payments market. So what exactly is PSD2? And how do we keep payment data safe?

PSD2 is European legislation on consumer and business payments. It was introduced in the Netherlands in February 2019. One of the things it does, is that it obliges banks to give firms access to your payment account if you give your consent. Such firms offer payment services. They get access to your payment account if you agree.

Everything you should know about PSD2


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As specialists in payments for more than 15 years we help, advice and guide your business start in a seamless and smooth way with with instant payments. Just ask us for help and we are more than happy to help you take it to a next level.


Next to offering plug-and-play solutions for instant payments we help you get started like no other. We know our capabilities and skills to get you started and enjoy the benefits of instant payments.


Do you need development skills to implement instant payments? We have enough resources to integrate our plug-and-play solutions.

Development tools

For developers we have a REST-API for seamless integration of instant payments in any website, webshop, app or even off-line applicaties.

Plug-and-play solutions

Our plug-and-play solutions enable you to get started if needed in one business day. As we believe in simplicity helps you to get started in easy way.


In cases you have questions or issues we are here for you to helkp you fix and solve any problem related to instant payment and beyond.


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